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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Include in the price I paying?

Your plan include your hosting fees which are necessary to keep your website online accessible to the public in general. We offer free subdomain, you can also use your own if you already have one or you can buy a new domain at a separate fee.

What is a Domain?

domain name is the name of a website and typically consists of a top-level and second-level domain. A top-level domain (TLD) is the part of the domain name located to the right of the dot, with the most common TLDs being .com, .net and .org as they can be registered by anyone

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is a domain that is a part of a larger domain under the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy. A subdomain is a domain that is a part of a larger domain under the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy.

What is a WorPress?

 We used wordpress to build our website it is a free and open-source  contrnt management system(CMS).Worpress Features include template known as Themes which is own you website is going to look. WordPress is one of the most popular content management system solutions in use.

What is are the theme and Pluging?

The theme is the template used to build your website, where you are going to add you descriptions, pictures…

A plugins is a small program that you can add to you website to play different role like translate you content, add an ecommerce option to be able to take orders and accept payment…

Can I get a refund?

We stand for our products and services, if you encounter any difficulties, error that we cannot fixed we’ll be more than happy to provide you a refund that you have to request by submitting a ticket within 30 days of your purchase.

Can I change hosting plan?

You can certainly change you plan, in case of any discount it will not be applied to the new plan as you can only use it once.

Can I change Theme?

The choice of your theme is crucial. it hase to represent what you want to show on your website. At the setup of your site you are able to choose your desire theme, after this phase you can for sure change you theme but because of the difficulties in the process for your content to match the new theme, the result can be different than the one expected

Can I administers my website myself?

At the creation of your website depending of  yoursubscription you will receive a confirmation email including your login panel URL and login informations so you can administer your website. Regarding your backup we can provide you one upun request.

Do you offer support?

Our Cyber Agent are available 24/7 to respond to your questions and help you administer, manage and use your website.

Order your website online or contact your representant.

Do not hesitate to contact us, We are here to Help – Happy Holidays Stay safe!


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